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On being a mom
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While this community was inspired by the book, Mommy Wars, it is much broader than the book itself (which is written by upper-middle-class moms, primarily), and is in no way affiliated with the book or its publisher.

Do you stay at home with your kids? Do you work? Do you stay at home sometimes and work others? Does your husband stay at home while you work? No matter what lifestyle your family lives, this is a place for you.

mommywars is for talking, venting, communicating, and empathizing. It's NOT for debating which is the "right" way, or criticizing other moms for their choice (civilized discussion of pros and cons is fine). Flaming will not be tolerated. I want this forum to be a secure place for moms of all backgrounds to come together. Post here about the trials, tribulations, and frustrations of your parenting style of choice (staying at home, working outside of the home, or whatever in between) and its implications, and about the joys, comforts, and positive experiences you get from your decision. Don't feel like you have a decision? Post your frustrations here!

Pregnant women are also welcome here, or any woman who is thinking ahead about what she wants for her family life. Post your inner thoughts, debate, and dialogue, let's hear what is going on in your head while you're trying to decide what you'll do.

If you've read the book (which I haven't yet), feel free to post comments/questions about it, get a dialogue going.

I'm very open to comments and suggesstions for this group. Please feel free to e-mail me.